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Woodbridge Real Estate Spring Update

Hey there…...

It's relatively quiet in Woodbridge and not because there aren't Buyers anxious to buy but...

#1 They are picky and #2 there is so little exciting to buy. There have been several high sales and a few more properties have just come on the market. So things could be picking up! But relatively few Woodbridgers are moving. Sellers will still receive top dollar if they sell this year, especially if their home is updated, shows well and is in a good location. I personally have a fabulous high-end listing coming up soon that will be priced over $2.2 million. The home is large and gorgeous, over 4200 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms. I'll let you all know for sure when it comes on the market in late April. It should generate a tremendous amount of interest and hopefully will sell quickly. The higher the price of the home the smaller the “Buyer Pie”. I have always believed that in Woodbridge everyone would love to live on the lake if they could but for most the price is out of reach. Young families are the exception because the lake can become a hazard.

Well, I have learned recently that one reason why few of our neighbors are moving is that the City of Irvine has earned another accolade as being the ”2nd Happiest City in America" by Only Plano Texas north of Dallas beat us out. The study states that where you live might determine how happy you are. The 31 indicators of happiness considered were depression rate, income growth and leisure time spent per day and more.Check it out www.wallethub/happiestcities. It is an interesting study. Unfortunately, Detroit landed in the bottom place. Poor Detroit. I have heard that it is coming back however and so affordable. We beat out Madison, Wisconsin and our neighbor, Huntington Beach. Guess where we ranked very high? Community and Environment. So, thank you City of Irvine for your parks, trails, swimming pools, soccer and baseball fields and in Woodbridge our beloved lagoons. I adore walking around Woodbridge as I do so often with my flyers and notepads. Friends really chill with a morning or afternoon stroll around the lake with or without a Scoobie-Doo. Some know every goose and gosling by name!

So, I now understand why my phone is not ringing off the hook this year!!! I so often am asked the question - "But Amy, where would I move?" It got me thinking.... where did my last Sellers move to?Well one family is moving to North Carolina and everyone knows that it is a beautiful and more affordable place to live. Others scaled down a bit, One retiree actually purchased a manufactured home in the Irvine Grove for $200,000 and loves it. One family moved to Turtle Rock to live closer to family. Quaint Tubac, Arizona lured a family away seeking quiet and a little South West, small-town charm. Friends are moving to Portland, Oregon - that seems to attract many Southern Californians. Job relocation took one family to Las Vegas, another to Paris! But generally, there simply is not a rush to move from Irvine. I believe that many of us are comfortable with our mortgages and aren't needing to cash out yet. Most of us are like our neighbors, enjoy our 1.01% property tax rate (even though we do not receive that deduction when computing our Fed Income Tax). In neighborhoods built before 1986, there are No Mello Roos Taxes and that is a big incentive for current homeowners NOT to buy new construction. I do hear a few complaints about traffic as I travel around Irvine. Newport Beach isn’t much better as you know if you've headed down the 55 fwy in the afternoon. It does seem faster navigating most of Newport avenues compared to Irvine's thoroughfares. But generally, it seems like the Irvine Company's 50,000 acres of open space and Woodbridge's fabulous lakes, beach clubs, pools, parks, tennis courts and trails have created for most a very happy and safe place to call home! But… if you're thinking of making a move, it is still a “Seller's Market!” There are so many fabulous places to consider too! I'm Here To Get You...Anywhere You Want To Go!

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